Board of Trustees

Richard K. & Nancy L. Donahue, Co-Chairmen

Sara M. Bogosian, President

Therese O'Connor, Vice President

Joseph P. Pyne, 2nd Vice President

Louise G. Griffin, Treasurer

Frank E. Makarewicz, Secretary

Michael G. Conway

MaryAnn Coravos

A. Veronika Demers

Eileen M. Donoghue

Carol S. Duncan

Arelys Jimenez

Stephen Jones

Dean L. Kenney

Miriam Margala

Jack Moynihan

Margaret A. Palm

Greg Pennington

R. Edward Roach

Arthur M. Santos

Dacey Zouzas

Trustees Emeritus

George D. Behrakis

Edith W. Burger

Anastasia Porter

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