Meet the Whistler House Museum of Art's December Artist of the Month:
Todd M. Casey
Born and raised in Lowell, MA, Todd M. Casey is fascinated by the history and culture of colonial America. Through his travels through historic cities, he is inspired by the richness of vintage objects and incorporates the myriad of items and antiquated narratives he collects into his paintings.

Todd’s artistic education includes a BFA in Communication Design from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA. He then moved to New York City, where he worked as a Graphic Designer before pursuing a Masters in Animation at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA. While taking the foundation classes for his MFA, he found his true passions lied with painting, and so he returned to the studio of Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier in New York City to begin his training in classical painting.

Touching on more than simplistic, rigid realism, there is a haunting, nearly literary quality to each frame of Todd’s work. He imbues each with a feeling that subjects are viewed from behind rain-kissed, mottled glass, burnished by enigmatic candlelight, or brushed by the soft, hazy edges of a half-remembered dream. Todd creates classically styled paintings, but with a progressive approach in fine, somber details, rendered with a clear, meticulous eye. Drawing inspiration from classical art, historical literature, and personal experience, Todd’s aesthetic is known for its subtlety, refined grace, meditation, and honesty.

His paintings have been honored with awards several times in his career. Todd won first four times at the Portrait Society of America’s Members Only Competition and placed first in oil painting from the Allied Artists of America in 2015. His work can be found in collections throughout the world, including the Rehs Contemporary Gallery in New York, NY and the Simie Maryles Gallery in Provincetown, MA.

Recently, Todd made the transition from painter to author and teacher, publishing The Art of Still Life in 2020 and The Oil Painters’ Color Handbook in 2022 with Monacelli Studio. Todd teaches classes for the Massachusetts College of Art and the Academy of Art University Online, the Art Students League of New York, and through private online classes and workshops.

Todd Casey lives in Connecticut with his wife Gina and daughter Scarlet. When he is not working in his home studio or preparing for gallery events, he reads Joseph Campbell, Paulo Coelho, and Eckhardt Tolle, watches Woody Allen movies, and toils in his garden—when the weather allows.
Instagram: @ToddMCasey
Facebook: ToddMCaseyArt

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Death in the Afternoon
Oil on panel
12" x 12"
Cup with Leaf demo
Oil on panel
5" x 7"
Dad's Uniform - Winter
Oil on panel
8" x 6"
Lemons with Silver Jug
Oil on panel
9" x 12"

Corner of My Studio
Oil on panel
9" x 6"
Birth of a Bot
Oil on panel
8" x 6"

Lemons with Blue
Oil on linen on panel
7" x 9"
Another Story
Oil on linen
18" x 24"
Tomato demo
Oil on linen mounted on baltic birch
5" x 5"

 The Plan (study)
Oil on panel
5" x 9"
Red Skull with Bottle, Lime, and Cloche
Oil on panel
11" x 14"
Black Jug with Red Background
Oil on panel
6" x 6"

Boat with Blueprint (study)
Oil on panel
5" x 11"
The Proper Beast - Italian Sausage
Oil on panel
6" x 9"
Mr. Fixxer (study)
Oil on panel
5" x 6"
Jack and Coke
Oil on panel
8" x 6"
Oil on panel
6" x 8"
The Entomologist
Oil on linen
12" x 18"

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